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Xbox 360 - the most popular console in the UK

Xbox 360 - the most popular console in the UK

Despite the fact that in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, revenues from sales of Microsoft Xbox 360 dropped almost a whole quarter, renowned studios have something to rejoice. According to research firm GFK Chart-Track, this console has become the best-selling platform of the UK, if we consider the period from January to September 2012.

Pawan Bardvazh (Pawan Bhardwaj), product manager for Xbox Live, said the company was pleased with their superiority, and expressed confidence that the situation will not change until the end of the year. "I can assure you that the Xbox 360 remains the best-selling" - says Pavan. Analysts from GFK Chart-Track as a whole are of the same opinion, but still with some reservations.

Nintendo have no chance to remedy the situation, in late November, will be Wii U, which is clearly one month does not have time to get a great result, and sales of Wii because of the emergence of new models should be modest. But Sony can still hope for the best. Output Super Slim PS3 version will positively impact on the amount of goods sold, but will it be enough to beat Microsoft - is not known. Indeed, the latter also has a trump card - the emergence of Xbox Music and SmartGlass.

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