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Transcend introduced a very slim DVD-ROM drive

Transcend introduced a very slim DVD-ROM drive

Now many manufacturers are trying periphery increasingly attract buyers due to the stylish design of their devices. Transcend has become an example of this, releasing a nice portable DVD drive TS8XDVDS-K.

In addition to the beautiful design of the chassis innovations boasts profile of 9.13 mm. This makes a great addition to drive netbook or ultrabook, which, as a rule, have no DVD. On the whole, this is one of the finest solutions in the market. As for the specifications, it is all the more familiar. Supports external connection USB 2.0, as well as recording DVD-R / + R at 8x. However, while the manufacturer has not announced the price and release date, which has not yet given appreciate the full perspective of the drive.

Source: Techfresh.net

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